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Bringing you the Power and Strength of the Sea

CRUX was founded By Ty  Smith & his partner, Emma Crowder in Jacksonville, Florida, 2022.

Ty came from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, about as North as North can get. Originating from the shores of Lake Superior, where he dived in the depths of hundreds of Minnesota lakes, Ty had an itch for more. Which successfully led him to the salty oceans of Florida.

After changing numerous jobs and finding his path, the only interest he had was in the sea and the vessels that sailed on it. He started out as a detailer on center -console boats and progressed to a Carpenter of custom Yachts for the world-renown Huckins Yacht Corporation.  

An obsession with anything nautical was born. Looking back on a lifestyle where bodies of water are always present, Ty decided to go all in. Conscious of the rapid decline of the seas on a global scale, he wanted to make an effort to do his part to assist the organizations who are on the frontline in making a difference for our oceans.

Then, CRUX was born. Casual clothing for the beachside that's simple and comfortable and that gives back. CRUX apparel stands up to the cool wind off the seawater and provides perfect cover from the scorching sun. CRUX belongs on any coastline and a spot on the sand. 

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